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ADR Recording Concept & Technique

Fee: SGD219

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  • Code: I-AP02

  • Training Duration: 8 hours 

  • Mode of Training: Part Time

  • Course Language: English

  • Min. Qualification: No Formal Qualification / Pre-Primary / Lower Primary

  • No formal industry experience required

  • Course will be conducted with Pro Tools audio editing software

  • Course will be conducted online and in professional audio post suite


  • Basic proficiency in audio recording & editing

  • Basic proficiency in Pro Tools or other audio editing softwares

  • Basic proficiency in Mac operating system


Course Overview:

Be it a movie, short film, drama, commercial or even a YouTube video production, your project deserves the best dialogue quality. So when and how do you apply ADR techniques to help you achieve this?

Firstly, ADR stands for Automated Dialogue Replacement. It is the process of re-recording the actor's dialogue in a recording studio (quiet, controlled environment) in synchronisation with the actor's character on screen to improve the sound quality or performance of the original dialogue recorded on set.

This course introduces the fundamentals in ADR recording concept and techniques in accordance with professional audio post-production standards. Learners will navigate through theories, miking techniques, methods to assist actors to adapt to studio recording environment, plugins usage and preparation of cues.

The small class size allows the facilitator to have full engagement with each learner and for the learner to have a personalised learning experience.

Having worked on countless ADR projects, with prominent ones such as Hollywood films Shotgun Wedding and Mortal Kombat, and Disney+ American Born Chinese, our experienced learning facilitators will guide you through the current industry standards and methods to conduct a successful ADR recording in a professional setting.


This course is designed for learners with basic experience in audio recording and editing. 


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain ADR recording concept.

  • Prepare cues for voice actors in accordance with industry standards.

  • Understand basic functions and usage of Ediprompt.

  • Apply miking techniques to adapt to ADR recording requirement.

  • Apply methods for voice actors to adapt to ADR recording environment.

  • Conduct ADR recording in accordance with industry standards

  • Adjust sync for recorded ADR lines.

  • Package audio files for export and delivery to Dialgue Editor / ADR Supervisor / Clients in accordance with industry standards.


1. ADR Recording Concept

2. Preparation for ADR recording​​

3. ADR Recording Techniques​​

We look forward to a fulfilling learning journey with you.

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