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Our Team

Teachers for Life

At HS Learning Suite, we only recruit the brightest, most dedicated teachers in the industry. We’re proud of our fantastic team members and know they will work day and night to help students achieve their goals. Read below to learn more about our committed staff members, and how their role is continuing our tradition of excellence.

All of our facilitators are qualified Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) trainers, a certification that is supported by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ).

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Learning Facilitator
(Head of Technical, Sound Designer & Music Composer)

Wayne has covered a wide range of audio engineering job scope, from the radio and music recording industries to the audio post industry. He started his audio engineering career in the early 90s at a radio station in Guam, US. After which he continued to work as a music composer and engineer for Pentagon Development,  a game developing firm. Then moving on to The Audioplex as a music recording engineer. Finally, he joined the audio post industry as technical head at Yellow box Studios and AMX Audiophiles later as company director, overseeing numerous audio post jobs for TV advertising projects and TV broadcast programs. In 2004, he co-founded Home Studio Pte Ltd. 

As a proponent for digital technology, he has since provided many cutting edge solutions to position the company as the market leader for digital audio tech integration & solutions provider. He was also one of the members who helped refined the audio technical specifications for broadcaster Mediacorp Pte Ltd.

His wealth of technical knowledge and experience in the audio engineering field has been commended by some of the top industry leaders in the region, and many are still seeking advice from the good natured veteran.

Wayne is also a great composer and a genius with the guitar as well. Earning a Master Certificate in Guitar playing from Berklee College of Music, he has moved on to inspire many with his countless musical works for many top brands and programs. Apart from the many musical albums he has released, he also plays the role of a producer for some of the top singers and musicians in Myanmar.

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Learning Facilitator
(Audio Post Producer, Sound Designer & Music Composer)

Being in the industry for nearly two decades, Joshua has worked with many reputable directors and producers in the region from networks such as Netflix, National Geographic Channel, HBO, Discovery Channel, Channel News Asia, A+E Networks, CCTV, BBC, Star World and Fox Disney. 

Since co-founding Home Studio Pte Ltd, he has guided many aspiring sound editors and re-recording mixers to produce quality works with stringent compliance to the specific audio specifications. Some of these projects had won prestigious awards from New York Festivals, Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, Content Asia Award, Florence Film Awards, World Media Festival, World TV Award, Asian Television Awards and China Short Film Golden Hummingbird Awards.

Joshua is also a film composer with a Master Certification from Berklee College of Music. He has worked with award winning directors such as Ong Kuo Sin, Roystan Tan, Michelle Chong, Shohei Shibata and Pria Viswalingam for their films as well as numerous TV commercials, dramas and programs. One of the most notable ones was the collaboration with Chris Beaty from Asche & Spencer on a National Geographic Channel program series, Monster Fish. His personal repertoire includes two music albums, “Paperplane” and “Today”, and single “Picture”. 

Joshua’s advocation on teamwork and high audio quality output has helped pushed the company to be one of the market leaders in the region.

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Learning Facilitator
(Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer)

Avery graduated from Lancaster University, majoring in music technology. He was a sound editor for an inflight entertainment company before joining Home Studio. Understanding the sound post workflow with prior experience, he was quick to learn and adapt. 

He has the tendency to push the limits in sound quality for every project he worked on, which is why many clients love working with him. Having being in the industry for more than a decade, he has left his mark on numerous documentary series, reality programs, dramas, films and advertising projects, some of which had won awards from New York Festivals, Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, Content Asia Award, Florence Film Awards, World Media Festival, World TV Award, Asian Television Awards and China Short Film Golden Hummingbird Awards.

His extensive sound design work can also be heard on acclaimed AXN podcast story "Fey Hollow" which stayed on the Number 1 spot on Apple Podcasts Top Charts for 3 weeks.

As an avid adopter of digital tech, he continues to help innovate and improve new workflow for the team as he believes in creating more time for creativity within the allocated time for all projects.

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