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Voice Over Recording & Set Up

Course Fee: SGD199.00



  • Code: B-AP01

  • Training Duration: 4 hours

  • Mode of Training: Part Time

  • Course Language: English

  • Min. Qualification: No Formal Qualification / Pre-Primary / Lower Primary

  • No. of Participants: Up to 4 pax​​​


  • Basic proficiency in Mac operating system

Course Overview:

This basic course is designed to guide learners who have little or no experience to conduct a successful voiceover recording session. 

Voiceover recording seems like a straightforward process, but what are some of the techniques professional studios apply to produce high quality recorded files? A media project can be ruined just becasue of a poorly recorded voiceover narration and we are here to help you avoid that mistake.


At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

- identify the suitable microphone for voiceover recording

- set up microphone to prepare for recording in accordance with professional standard

- apply various miking positions for different recording situations

- set up Pro Tools recording software to prepare for voiceover recording

- apply the ideal microphone input signal level on DAW

- conduct voiceover recording in accordance with professional standard

- identify sources of unwanted noise

We look forward to a fulfilling learning journey with you.

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