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Advanced Sound Mixing For Broadcast Programs 

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  • Code: A-AP01

  • Course Duration: 16 hours (2 days)

  • Mode of Training: Part Time

  • Course Language: English

  • Min. Qualification: No Formal Qualification / Pre-Primary / Lower Primary

  • No formal industry experience required

  • For experience learners

  • Course will be conducted with Pro Tools audio editing software

  • No. of Participants: 4 pax


  • Completion of I-AP01: Sound Mixing for Brodacst Programs Course

  • Intermediate proficiency in audio post-production workflow & process

  • Intermediate proficiency in Pro Tools or other audio editing softwares

  • Basic proficiency in Mac operating system

Course Overview:

This course covers the essential technical requirements, workflow processes, and creative techniques crucial for success in the domain of 5.1 surround audio mixing for broadcast programs.

Relevant audio specifications from Netflix and Nat Geo will be utilised to conduct the course for full authencity in the real world environment.


  • Technical Mastery: Delve into the intricacies of 5.1 surround channel configurations, loudness standards, and dialogue gated loudness, all in line with network specifications.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Learn to efficiently manage your workflow, from assessing working files and configuring signal routing to setting timelines and requirements.

  • Technical Error Resolution: Understand the importance of addressing potential tech errors, such as dialogue noise and phase correlation, with practical solutions.

  • Surround Sound Expertise: Master surround sound techniques in Pro Tools, including panning, upmixing, and achieving optimal levels for a 5.1 mix.

  • Mastering and Exporting: Prepare and export final deliverables including LoRo and LtRt that meet network requirements.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify key audio technical requirements for 5.1 Surround Project in accordance with network's audio specification.

  • Prepare 5.1 mixing workflow for a 1hr documentary project.

  • Check and rectify potential tech errors such as non-compliant dialogue noise and phase correlation error.

  • Apply surround panning methods in Pro Tools to adjust direction of sound for a 5.1 project.

  • Apply upmix processing to stereo audio to create 5.1, 5.0 and 4.0 surround formats.

  • Balance audio stems to create final 5.1 surround audio track.

  • Export final audio files that conform to audio specifications and broadcast standards.


1. 5.1 Surround Audio Specifications

2. Mixing Workflow for 5.1 Surround Documentary Project

3. Identifying & Rectifying Tech Errors

4. Surround panning in Pro Tools

5. Upmixing stereo audio

6. Re-recording Mixing in 5.1 Surround

7. Mastering and Exporting Deliverables in 5.1 surround

We look forward to a fulfilling learning journey with you.

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